1st Choice provides counseling and education that encompasses the whole person on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.


We believe everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background, should have the opportunity to have  an emotionally, physically and financially satisfying life





Are You Too Stressed to Think Straight ?

Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck ?

Do you Feel Overwhelmed ?

Do you Want Relief ?


We strive to provide each client with

positive, helpful, supportive education, so that you can remove limitations, create positive mindsets, and achieve freedom from desperation and stressful living patterns.

Need Help?
  • Health & Wealth Education
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Financial Support
  • De - Stress Techniques
  • Life Saving Simple & Practical Help


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DBSM, Inc is a federally approved non profit charitable organization under 501 c 3.

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Need Help?


    Spiritual Counseling

      We provide holistic,

      whole life service so

      you get better in all

      areas of your life


    Emotional Support

       Your emotional state

      is directly related to

      all areas of your life


    De - Stress Techniques

      Therapeutic Meditation

      and other techniques

      Stress is the #1 killer


    Simple & Practical Help

     If it isn't practical, it isn't

       Spiritual - one of our

       guiding principles!


    Housing Help -

    whether you are buying

    or renting - get important

    unbiased information

    before you start shopping

    Protect yourself from




Health & Wealth



Don’t wait for a crisis.


• For seniors and others

find out if your income is garnishment proof - don't

let creditors scare you


• For youth - cut your

losses NOW and

start fresh - get the basic

survival skills you need

to face the world as a confident consumer


• For women - discover 

 innate and special abilities.

You will be amazed at the

things you intuitively know

that you've never realized 


Practical information and education from a whole life, holistic perspective.  We provide spiritual counseling that can change your entire life and relationships - with people, money, yourself and your security.



Bankruptcy Help


   If you are considering       Bankruptcy

Click the link below to get  FREE courses.

If you determine that Bankruptcy

is the best option for you

our Credit Counseling

and Personal Financial Management Courses

meet the requirements

for individuals and businesses filing

consumer bankruptcy.


Our courses are

approved by the Department of Justice.  Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an Agency’s service.
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Credit Help


    Free consultations

  • “Soft pull” of all 3 credit bureau reports and score (doesn't impact your credit score)

  • Comprehensive budget and credit report reviews

  • Budgeting and financial education

  • Action plans

  • Credit coaching

  • Several programs to choose from


        Click for more

         credit    help



DBSM, Inc is a federally approved non profit charitable organization under 501 c 3. Your donations are tax deductible”   Donate Now